Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th Of July 2013

The 4th of July has become one of our favorite holidays...
We are so grateful to live in America!
Then 12 years ago we were blessed with the birth of our sweet Liberty!
We started the morning with her opening her presents...
 We ordered her a Fleur Delacour wand, it's from Harry Potter.  It hadn't come yet, so I rushed that night to get a few gifts so she would have something to open on her birthday.
Then Steve & I were working in the yard until after 1:30am to try and finish the trampoline area before the fence guys came the next morning.  Then Steve comes in for the night with the mail & says, "Maybe you should check the mail before you go shopping."  It came in time! It had been in the mailbox all day!
 She was so surprised & excited!!
Her brother's sure love her too!
   Tyler got up super early to make a card & Zack made her an origami Princess Leia!
 I love that they are all such good friends!
Then she chose to have lunch at her favorite place...Costa Vida!

Then we got ready for our traditional birthday BBQ!
It was a fun night!!
I always have to get a few pictures of the birthday girl...
 She was so excited about her outfit...
 She got the chevron skirt in Las Vegas & couldn't wait to wear it for her birthday!
 She looked adorable!!
I had to get a picture by the "caution" sign...
Only one more year & we'll have a teenager!!
Here is a picture overload, but I love pictures...
 It was so fun to have Amber & her kids here from Maryland...Love baby Dax!  He has the cutest smile!!
 Steve & his mom matched!
 Marli & baby Allison in their matching shirts!
 Sophie LOVES birthday parties...it looks like she was celebrating with her toy cake!
 Aunt Julie with the birthday girl!
 Cute cousins...Quinci, Winni & Jorie
 Of course we had to get a picture with the other 4th of July kid...Happy Birthday Eli!
 Cora didn't know I was taking a picture...very nice pose though!
 AJ, Eli & Abe were serious about their batmitton game!
Sammi,Grady & Maeli had fun in the playhouse!
So did cute Eden!

 Tyler on the swings!
 Trae & Tyler playing in the sand.
 These cute boys played for hours!
 I stopped them for a mini photo shoot!
 Jasmine, Libby, Jaxynn & Cora...beautiful girls!
We always have to get a picture of Libby & Jazzy together!
 Allison just turned one on the 3rd of July!
She & grandma matched!
 AJ was "busted" with a cookie...ha, ha!
 Another pic of the birthday boy!
We had to get a picture with our birthday girl!
 We sure do love her!!
Her grandparents sure adore her too...
Grandpa Steen, Libby, Grandma Steen

 We also had to get a picture with grandma & grandpa Peterson...
Libby is so lucky to have so many people who love her!

Our neighborhood was banned for fireworks again, but after everyone left Steve put the trampoline together.
He finished about 12:30am & the kids were in heaven!  
 I felt a little bad for our neighbors because they were also very loud with happiness! 
 It turned out to be a great birthday!
Happy "12th" birthday Liberty...
 We are so lucky to have you!!

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Julie said...

Those are some great pictures, I may have to steal some. Libby looks so grown up!! Happy Birthday Libby, I am happy we were able to join the party this year.