Monday, September 22, 2014

East Canyon

After Utah Lake was so low, we decided to go boating one more time and we tried out East Canyon.
We had so much fun!
The water was FREEZING though!
 Can you see Zack's face?
 These two girls are CRAZY!
 I guess Sophie is going to be Elsa for Halloween, so "The cold never bothered them anyway!"
These boys finally made it off the deck...
Which was better than Steve and I...
Steve even broke out a wet suit!
 Then we decided to head to the beach and play...
 I love that she copies whatever her siblings are doing...
 It was a gorgeous day for a boat ride...
 The kids had so much fun just playing in the MUD!
 Sophie literally "danced" along the shore the whole day...
The joys of being a kid...
 Libby enjoyed a full body mud bath...
She said, "Look Mom, I'm finally tan!"
 It did actually "stain" her skin brown! It wouldn't wash off!
 These kids literally make my heart HAPPY!
 I'm so grateful for this cute family of mine!
They sure make life fun!!
Tyler Man!
Zack helped Sophie get on and off the was sweet!
It's that time of year to savor the last bit of beautiful weather...
Soon it will be cold and snowy!


Friday night, we were able to go to the RSL game.
  Steve's work had extra tickets and we took the older kids with us.
It was surprisingly fun! 
 It was so high energy and every time they scored a goal the whole crowd sings an Anthem.  
It was a good game to be at too, they won 5-1!
  Sophie had a playdate with Shelly...her BEST friend!
Thanks Shelly, she definitely had more fun with you!!

Gardner Village

The kids didn't have school on Friday, so we decided to go see the witches!
This is always one of our favorite things to do in the Fall.
 I love these kids...Luckily they got away from the witch in time!
 Sophie found a creepy skeleton!
Do you like my pirate hat?  
It was even 'Pirate Day' on Friday!  
 Now Shelly just needs to find herself a broom!
 My Mom is one classy lady!!
 Sophie looks beautiful!!
 Looking good in the neighborhood!
 These boys were all smiles until they realized they had spiders on their heads...
 I love these crazies!!

Libby took a selfie of us!
It was a miracle...
 Zack even found a book he likes to read!
 He said, he really needed this book...I wonder why?
Of course we couldn't leave until we found our favorite witch...
Happy Fall Y'all!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Utah Lake

On Saturday, we went boating to Utah Lake and the water was SO low!  
We could barely launch the boat and to get it back on the trailer, some nice people waded out and helped us pull it couldn't turn on the boat or the propeller would hit rocks! 
 It was our last time there for the season.  
We did have so much fun though!  It was Libby's turn to take a friend this time. 
Libby brought her friend Katelyn...these girls are so sweet! 
I love that Libby has such great friends!
 It had been raining all morning, but finally stopped for the afternoon!  There was hardly anyone else on the lake and it was beautiful!
 Sophie did the knee-board!
It was Katelyn's first time too...
 She did great!
We always have to get a few "selfies"...
Steve's pretty good at it!
 Sophie LOVES to go on the tube...
I sure love this silly boy...
 And this cute boy...
And this one too!
Love this cute face too!
 My attempt of getting a picture of Libby & Katelyn jumping into the lake...
 I missed the actual jump, but got the landing!
 I'm glad the weather finally cooperated and we could have such a fun day!
 Summer is coming to an end... It makes me a little sad :[  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Zack received his Arrow Of Light on August 21, 2014.
It was a nice program.  
 Their leader was so sweet and gave them a frame & cool arrow for part of their award.
 Here he is putting on the pin.
Good Job, Zack!
We Love You!!