Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy "11th" Birthday, Zack!

Time is going by so quickly!!  I really can't believe our Zack-a-boo is 11!
He is definitely still one sweet boy!
Here are "11" things about him:
-He likes to "Ripstick".
-He started playing the clarinet & spent 2 weeks this summer doing band camp.
-His best friends are still Tyler & Noah
-He is so sweet with Sophie!
-He'll be in 6th grade this year.
-He still doesn't love to read, but he tested so high at school that he was automatically placed in Honors English & Math.
-He loves to play Clash Of Clans.
-He still LOVES chocolate milk.
-He's still taking piano.
-Basketball is his favorite sport.  He likes to play Jr. Jazz each year.
-He is growing so tall all of a sudden, he checks to see if he's passed me up daily!
We sure love you Zack!!
Happy Birthday!

A few "highlights" from his birthday....
"Sunday Dinner"

"Birthday Breakfast"
 He enjoyed a cinnamon roll...
 Then it was off to band camp...
Look at those dimples!
Then of course he picked Chuck-a-Rama for his birthday dinner...
Best Buds...
 Noah, Zack, Tyler

 Grandpa & Sophie
 Grandpa, Grandma & Zack
 They sang "Happy Birthday!"
 Blowing out his candles!
 Libby & Zack
 Sophie sure loves her big brother!
 When these two aren't fighting they are BEST friends!
 Zack's other best friend...Shelly!
 Me & Zack
Dad came late to dinner, but he did have his present...A phone!!
Love you Zack!!
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


We were able to go boating with Mark & his kids while they were here visiting from Nebraska.  
It was a fun day!
 Libby got up water skiing for the first time that day, it was awesome!
 Tyler loves knee boarding!
Zack loves swimming & the knee board!
Sophie went on the tube with me for the first time, but we can't find the pictures.  They must not of transferred to the computer :(
She was funny though, I kept asking if she was done & She wanted to keep going and going and going!
 AJ got up on the knee board & did some fun flips into the water!
Garrett was the first to try the knee board.  He was actually posing for the camera while he was up...it was pretty funny!
Jorie had fun swimming & tubing with Libby!
 The truth is...Kids enjoy swimming more than anything else!
Mark helped AJ & Ty get up on the knee board.

 It was a beautiful day!
We had a good captain...
And Co-Captain...
Sophie helped drive!
Even the adults got a turn...
The water was a little choppy, but skiing is always my favorite!
 Mark got up on one ski.
 Steve got up on the wakeboard.

 We ended the day with some more tubing...
 Libby & Jorie
We were going a little too fast for Zack & AJ!
 It was s fun day on the lake!
The only time Utah Lake looks really clean is when it's a splash of white water!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy "13th" Birthday, Liberty!

It's official...We have a teenager!
I can't believe our sweet Liberty is "13"!!
Here are "13" facts about Libby:
1-She'll be going into 8th Grade!
2-She got her braces off this year!
3-She loves dance!
4-She loves Volleyball!
5-She loves to read!
6-She hates running!
7-She's a great babysitter!
8-She not only loves a good book, she writes a lot of stories!
9-Her best friends are Katelyn, Isabel, Sara, & A.J.
10-She went to Oakcrest this summer & LOVED it!
11-She just got back from girl's camp and also had a fun & spiritual experience!
12-She got up water skiing for the first time this summer.
13-She is officially a TEENAGER!!

Happy Birthday, Miss Liberty!
We always have fun celebrating on this amazing day:
 All the party animals...

 We are so blessed to live in this country & so blessed to have Liberty for our daughter!!
Happy Birthday!!