Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy "8th" Birthday, Tyler!

I can't believe my Tyler Man is eight!
Time goes by so fast...
April 4, 2007
We sure adore this kid...
He's always got a smile on that face!

Eight Things About Tyler:
1- He loves to read! 
He just started reading the "Box Car Children" series .  I always find him in the chair enjoying a good book.

2-He just started soccer and loves it!  He had his first game on his birthday.

 3- He started piano lessons this year.

4- He STILL loves spaghetti...chocolate milk, snow cones & Cool Ranch Doritos.

5-He loves: Jumping on the tramp, playing his 3DS & Pokemon.

6- He likes skiing...

7- His best friends are Gunner, Britton, Brandon & Max.

8- You are so funny and make us smile everyday...
You are definitely growing up too fast!
We love you so much!
Happy "8th" Birthday!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Tyler Is The CEO...

Tyler's teacher picked him as the Chief Example To Others for the month of March.

The character trait he was chosen to have is "Positive Attitude"!

There was a special program and the principal had him come up and she read what his teacher said about him.  He got a certificate and a free meal to Cafe Rio.  He was happy about that!

Here is what his teacher said about him:

"We have been in school for 132 days now and I don't think we have ever seen Tyler in a grumpy or unhappy mood.  There may have been days when Tyler wasn't really feeling so great, but we never knew it!  He is CONSISTENTLY happy, kind and smiling.  It seems that no matter what day it is or what we are doing, Tyler has a great attitude about it!  Mrs. Joyce is going to try and be just like Tyler when she grows up!"

That is how we feel about him too, he's one special kid!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

50 Years...

March 26, 1965
Happy "50th" Anniversary!!
 Together Forever...
Salt Lake Temple...

March 28, 2015... Celebration of 50 Years!!
 Norman & Shauna

 Anina & Hugo

 Anne & Roy

Tom & Norma

 Pat & Kelly

 Alayna & Sophie

 Left to Right: Jacob, Dallin, Zack, Wyatt, Bailey, Libby, Tyler & Josh

Wyatt, Porter & Tyler

 Left to Right: Marli, Davey, Adam, Allison, Sam

 Shelly & Sally

 Norma & Shelly

 Shane & Denette

 Left to Right: John, Jasmine, Kodi, Sherry and Sophie

 Left to Right: Scott, Brooklyn, Amy, Porter and Mitchell

 Roy & Steve

 Steve & Sally

 Zack, Bailey and Libby


 John's dessert masterpiece!

 Sophie couldn't control her excitement!
She said, "Today is Grandma & Pa-Pa's wedding anniversary!" I replied, "It's pretty amazing, not too many people stay married that long anymore."  She said, "That is a LONG time, I'd be tired!"

 Sophie & Grandpa

Time for the video tribute...

 My dad with his siblings: Roy and Norma and a photo bomb by, Scott!

My parents and their siblings.

 Roy, Norm and Norma
 Alayna, Kelly, Anina and Shauna (missing brother Danny)
 Alayna, Shauna, Anina

 Sophie and Allison

Happy "50th"!!

 We Love You!!
 Wishing you many more to come!!