Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy "7th" Birthday Tyler!

April 4, 2007

April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday!!
We sure love you!
We started your morning with a few pictures...
 You are adorable!
 You are a little crazy!
 You are so funny!
You make us laugh EVERYDAY!!

Your siblings adore you...
 You and Libby
 Zack & Sophie love you!
 Zack is your best bud...even though he loves to tease you!
Nice Photo Bomb, Zack!
You love Chuck-a-Rama...
 You pick it for your birthday dinner every year!
One things for sure, you are one loveable kid!
 Your best buds Zack & Noah...the three of you are inseparable!
 Grandma & Grandpa adore you!
 Your other best bud...Shelly!
Sophie is so lucky to have you for a big brother!
Libby has always watched out for you!
Words can't describe how much your dad & I love you!!
We literally squished you with kisses...
 Completely knocked off your glasses...
 Then we had to get one more kiss out of ya!
I really can't believe you are already "7" Tyler Max "Lightning-McQueen" Peterson!!

1- You got glasses this year!
2-You are in 1st grade & love reading & math!
3-Your favorite treat is popcorn!
4-You tried basketball this year and loved it!
5-Your best friends are Noah, Zack, Brandon, Mossimo, Britton & another Noah!
6- You love Ben 10, Legos & Jumping on the trampoline.
7-You still have the sweetest smile & are such a great friend!!
We love you!!
Our family is so lucky to have you in it!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our "Super Hero" Family...

When we were leaving the movies, we came across these cardboard cutouts.
We had to get a few pictures...
Crazy Steve 
Super Sally
Libby...The Lunatic
Tyler... The Terror

Sophie...The Little Monster!


This little cutie has had us really worried these days!
Two trips to the ER, a bladder infection, more than six Dr. visits, six urine samples, a catheter, blood draw, two ear infections & a high fever a few days every week all since the beginning of January!  The sad part is she still isn't all the way better...she's on antibiotics right now.  I'm hoping this is the end of her sickness.  It has been so scary!  
Tyler helped cheer us up when he came with us on one of her visits....
He kept us laughing!  He said, "Mom take a picture, the dinosaur is eating me!"

Sophie is such a brave kid though, it really surprises me that she doesn't totally freak out when we go to the Dr.'s now.  We were there on Sunday and she was actually telling the Dr. what to check.  She said, "Are you going to do this to my leg?" Then she pretends to hit her leg to check her reflex.  Then she said, "You didn't check my heart beef?" (that's how she says, heartbeat.)  Then the Dr. let her listen to her own heartbeat.  When we were about to leave she said, "You didn't listen to my back." 
 I think we might have a future "Dr. McStuffins" in our house!
In between being sick she is a busy girl!  
She is always dressed up as some kind of princess...
One of her favorites is Anna, from the movie Frozen...
She was so happy when Libby fixed her hair just like Anna's...
It looked pretty cute!
 Her blood work came back & it was all normal.  That was such a relief to me!
It makes me a nervous wreck to see my "little shadow" sick all the time...
 I'm hoping the rest of the year is full of good health!!

Eye Test...

Zack & Tyler both failed their eye test at school this year.
We went in for their appointment & it looks like Tyler will be wearing glasses now.
Zack is borderline & will probably end up with them pretty soon.
These two are so cute...
They both had their eyes dilated as part of their exam!
Zack had to wear these for a while...
 Here is Tyler with his new glasses...
He's finally like Harry Potter!!

Chief Example To Others...

Zack was chosen as the "Chief Example To Others" by his teacher for the month of December!
He is just a great kid!  
 Here he is receiving his award from the principal...

I love that you received the award for the theme of "Respect" because it is a quality that seems to be dwindling in our society. 
 I'm so glad you are respectful to adults & your friends.  It will be a great quality to keep throughout your life!  
We love you!!

Jr. Jazz...

Zack played again this year with almost the same team as last year.
It is getting more intense this year! 
 I'm always a little surprised at some of the aggression from parents & players.  
It's kind of sad to me that it goes from "fun" to a little "crazy".

Zack had a great coach & some really good kids on his team.
 They improved a lot this year!
 We had quite a few games that were intense right down to the last minute!
This is still Zack's favorite sport!  

Jr. Jazz

This was Tyler's first year playing & he loved it!
It was fun to have his friend Nash on the team...
 He always had fun playing...
He always had a smile on his face...
Libby caught this "action" shot on my phone...
He had a great team with a nice coach...
I think Tyler found a sport he really likes!
He was also pretty excited to get his very first trophy!