Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pinewood Derby...

Last night was the Pinewood boys get so excited for this!
They had quite a few late nights with their dad finishing up their cars!
They were really into it this year & got a book at the library & tried a few new things on the car this year.
Zack even did some of the sanding!
The work payed off, Zack placed 4th overall!  He was one excited boy!
He also won the award for most personalized car!
Tyler got to race his car a few times at the end!
 Zack also got to help with the opening flag ceremony!
 I also forgot to mention that Zack received his Wolf Cub Scout Badge.
Here he is giving me the pin. 
He definitely loves scouts!

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Shauna said...

Love those boys! Congratulations to Zack for all his wins and awards! He is one amazing kid!